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Ex i Isolators / ISpacA

Ex i Isolators / ISpacA
  • Inputs or outputs intrinsically safe [Ex ia] IIC
  • All functions with 2 channels per module
  • Galvanic isolation between inputs, outputs and power supply
  • Modules for DIN-rail installation or comfortable system integration via pac-Carrier
  • Detachable terminals available in screw terminal and spring clamp terminal versions
  • Extended temperature range -20 … +70 °C
  • Installation possible in Zone 2 resp. Div. 2
  • Most isolator versions can be used for applications according to ‘functional safety’
  • SIL (IEC 61508)
  • Customer specific engineering by R. Stahl’s competence center macros for easier planning and engineering available
  • manufacturer: stahl-germany

Temperature Transmitter/ Field Circuit Ex i (Series 9182)

Temperature Transmitter/ Field Circuit Ex i (Series 9182)
  • DMT 02 ATEX E 243 X
  • Ex II 3 (1) G Ex nAc nCc [ia] IIC T4
  • Ex II (1) D [Ex ia] IIIC
  • For intrinsically safe operation of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, resistance transmitters, mV-sources
  • One unit individually configurable for nearly all temperature sensors
  • Intrinsically safe input [Ex ia] IIC
  • Galvanic isolation between input, output, power supply and configuration interface
  • Open-circuit and short-circuit monitoring and messaging (can be switched off)
  • Simple configuration with PC or DIP-switches
  • manufacturer: stahl-germany

Safety Barriers for Hazardous Area (Series 9001 / 9002 / 900)

Safety Barriers for Hazardous Area (Series 9001 / 9002 / 900)
  • Complete product range for all standard applications
  • Flexible and space saving - single and dual channel versions on 12 mm only
  • Time-saving installation thanks to simultaneous:
  • snapping onto the rail and
  • connecting to PE and earth
  • Reduced inventory due to uniform exchangeable fuse
  • manufacturer: stahl-germany
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