National Iranian Oil Energy Co. (NIOEC)
Petroleum Engineering & Development Co. (PEDC) by the code of 10544
National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Co. (NIOPDC) by the code of C/00694
National Iranian South Oil Co. (NISOC)by the code of 1477
Iranian Central Oil Field Co. (ICOF)
Pars Oil & Gas Co. (POGC)
Iranian Offshore Oil Co. (IOOC) by the code of 4519
Jam Petrochemical Complex (JPC) by the code of 4144
Iranian Oil Pipeline & Telecommunication Co. (IOPTC)
National Iranian Oil Co. & Iranian Ocean Tuna Commission (NIOC & IOTC)
Kala Naft Co. (KALA NAFT)
Nargan Engineers & Constructors
Chagalesh Engineers & Constructors
Kavian Petrochemical Co. (Petrokavian)
Fanavaran Petrochemical Co. (FNPCC)
Bakhtar Petrochemical Co. (BPC)
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co. (BIPC)
Tabriz Petrochemical Co. (TPCO)
Ghaem Construction Base (GCB)
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