National Iranian Oil Energy Co. (NIOEC)
Petroleum Engineering & Development Co. (PEDC) by the code of 10544
National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Co. (NIOPDC) by the code of C100694
National Iranian South Oil Co. (NISOC)by the code of 1477
Iranian Central Oil Field Co. (ICOF)
Pars Oil & Gas Co. (POGC)
Iranian Offshore Oil Co. (IOOC) by the code of 4519
Jam Petrochemical Complex (JPC) by the code of 4144
Iranian Oil Pipeline & Telecommunication Co. (IOPTC)
National Iranian Oil Co. & Iranian Ocean Tuna Commission (NIOC & IOTC)
Kala Naft Co. (KALA NAFT)
Nargan Engineers & Constructors
Chagalesh Engineers & Constructors
Kavian Petrochemical Co. (Petrokavian)
Fanavaran Petrochemical Co. (FNPCC)
Bakhtar Petrochemical Co. (BPC)
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co. (BIPC)
Tabriz Petrochemical Co. (TPCO)
Ghaem Construction Base (GCB)
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